Friday, 13 November 2009

Joss Stone – the white girl who just loves to mangle black music

Did anyone else notice that on the Jools Holland show this week, Steve Martin referred to fellow guest Joss Stone as ‘Josh Stone’?

‘Josh’ (pictured here shortly before being shot with a tranquilizer dart and released into the wild) wore a hideous gigantic hippie blanket and danced like a loon during the other artists’ performances.

She also spent a lot of time trying to chat up soulful blues-rocker Black Joe Lewis. Wonder if he asked her to give him back his cultural heritage.

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  1. Deiter of Venice, CA7 May 2010 at 00:13

    Culture is a gift, therefor there's nothing to return. Perhaps your belief is that someone with Joss Stone's complexion should choose to sound more like Olivia Newton John. Joss is adding to the cultural intercourse. You don't have to like her input, that's subjective, but that doesn't take away from her legitimacy to participate.

    Native American sweat lodges are not a gift but a sacred rite meant for the initiated. If Joss were practicing and promoting sweats this would be another matter. Indians never intended sweats to share. Music, on the other hand, unless it was designated for a private purpose--which pop is definitely not--is for everyone.

    I'm sorry but when the "cultural heritage" mantle is thrown around to say, "no you can't because you don't belong to the tribe" I cringe. For that is simply wrong: The tribe is not black, the tribe is music and Joss Stone is very much a part of that tribe, as are you and me.

    So on that we disagree.

    Nonetheless, blessings to you.